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Reviews for Carrollton, TX Family Medicine Doctor Jeffrey G. Stewart, MD, FAAFP Children Services

At Family Medicine Associates of Texas in Carrollton, our board-certified medical physicians are proud to offer quality health care and service to their local community. Finding the right doctor to suit your medical needs can be overwhelming and exhausting. We understand that finding a qualified and compassionate doctor is at the top of your priority list. When building our practice, we selected highly-skilled medical physicians that have exceptional bedside manner. Many of our patients enjoy sharing their positive feedback they've had while visiting our practice. We wanted to share these patient reviews with you in hopes it will help narrow down your search for a physician and provide helpful information about our practice. We invite you to read through our patient's testimonials to learn more about our doctors, practice, and services. 

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Review from D.B.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jul 07, 2020

My wife and I moved to this practice, as patients of Dr. Jeffrey Stewart, back in 2016.  I was sick and my internist’s staff in Dallas told me to go to a ’doc-in-the-box’ or wait 3 days.  Couldn’t do that, and it happened twice in a period of 2 months during flu season, so we decided to change doctors.  Looking through our plan, we found this practice not far from us.We also found that Family Medicine Associates could see me that day and I was assigned to Dr. Stewart.  Later we discovered they have Saturday office hours and at various times both my wife and I have been there on a Saturday if we were ill and didn’t want to go to the urgent care center or wait until Monday.A couple years ago Dr. Stewart began treating my wife’s high blood sugar and at a certain point her case became more complex so he referred us to an endocrinologist.   This was a life-changing moment that probably saved my wife’s life.  I’ve just been referred to a urologist for an issue that requires a higher level of specialty, the outcome of which is uncertain at this point.What you should take away from this is that it is comforting to have a physician who knows when it’s time to call in a specialist.  Doctors don’t know everything about everything, if they are the right kind of person to know their own limitations and we respect this in Dr. Stewart.  He has not steered us wrong yet and we have no reason to expect he would.I’d rather go to him knowing that if he feels we should dig deeper he will send us out to a professional colleague whom he knows for a higher level of care if it’s needed.  It’s about what each type of physician is trained for.And for physicals, I have my annual physical every year, in 2 parts, with Dr. Stewart.  This is not this medical practice’s policy, it’s standard procedure for a complete physical.  Get your blood and urine work done first, and return a 2nd time to review the results and develop a plan of action.  We are fortunate to have very good health care coverage and it covers the 2-part physical 100%.  A lot of this depends on your coverage, so know your policy’s parameters before you go somewhere and think you are being taken advantage of.We’ve never had issue with the office staff, either, nor any billing issues.  Don’t rely on others to know your coverage.  Learn what is covered and for how much and pay attention, ask questions, and always review your EOBs.  Especially in this tough time, this practice is well-organized to handle your needs in person or remotely and they seem to be a group of caring professionals who have just one interest - your well-being. More

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