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Pediatric Care in Carrollton, TX

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Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on the care and needs of children from infancy to early adulthood. Typically, children remain under the care of a pediatrician until the age of 21. At our practice in Carrollton, TX, we provide a wide range of services such as well-child exams, sports physicals, and adolescent medicine and sexual counseling. Our professional and compassionate team work diligently to provide your child with quality treatments and health care. We also encourage your involvement and will do everything we can to provide you with the education and understanding you need to maintain your child's health for optimal living. Our board-certified medical physicians are here to support you and your child's health and emotional well-being at Family Medicine Associates of Texas.

Pediatric Services

We care for the needs of children from infancy through adolescence. We pay close attention to make sure your child feels welcomed and at ease during their appointments and exams. Our goal is not only to address and improve your child's health but to keep you well informed and involved in promoting your child’s health. We will provide helpful tips and educational resources so you can better understand all their stages of development and growth. Your peace of mind is just as important to us as your child's health.

Well-Child Exam

During a well-child exam, we offer the following: 

  • Immunizations and vaccinations
  • Hearing and vision screenings
  • Developmental screenings
  • Nutritional counseling
  • School and/or sport physicals

School and Sports Physicals

Our qualified healthcare professionals perform school, camp, and sports physicals for your child. Typically, a thorough physical is required in order to confirm your child is fit and healthy for the physical demands of sports, camp, and physical exercise classes at school. These physicals are to protect your child and the well-being of others as well. Evaluating your child's physical health will confirm their physical qualifications and limits. 

Playground Injuries

We all know that when children play, they tend to play hard and with all the gusto they can muster. With that being said, we also understand that accidents on the playground are almost inevitable. Our highly-trained medical physicians are fully equipped to evaluate and treat playground related injuries. No matter how minor or severe, from deep gashes to broken bones, our staff will take great care of your child's injuries.

Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent medicine is a sub-branch of pediatric medicine that focuses on the care of adolescents from ages 10 – 18. Typically, patients of this age group have entered puberty, which differs between boys and girls. Young male patients commonly undergo puberty around age 13 and girls around age 11. Our services include, growth and development counseling, HPV screening, and more. 

Adolescent Sexual Counseling

Once your child has entered puberty, their bodies and minds begin to change. Our goal is to educate you and your child on how to navigate and manage their growing hormones, sex drive, and activity. We encourage all parents to be involved in their child's sexual development counseling. We know it can be awkward or uncomfortable to have the "sex talk," but we are here to help assist you in any way we can. 


ADD stands for attention deficient disorder and ADHD stands for attention deficient/hyperactivity disorder. ADD is a type of ADHD but there isn't any one test that determines whether your child has one of these disorders. A complex and thorough examination of tests will be compiled to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. Parents should take note if their child is having an abnormally hard time with their attention span.

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Your Child's health

At Family Medicine Associates of Texas, our goal is maintain the highest quality of medical standards and to provide service that will benefit you and your child's health. If your child is experiencing any medical concerns, or you'd like to schedule a well-child exam, please call our office today to make an appointment. We are here to help empower you as a parent and to improve your child's condition. 

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